Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to camp?

Why not?! It will be fun! It will liven up your Facebook page, give you endless hours of new conversation, priceless memories, and you will eventually move on to become the winner on Survivor ;-). Plus you get to spend 3 amazing days on Catalina Island with other LDS Singles.

Are there showers and toilets?

Yes, restrooms with electricity and hot showers as well as laundry facilities are centrally located near each tent cabin area.

What are the cabins like? 

We have brand new tent cabins with the highest quality framed tent enclosures atop platforms that are positioned above the ground and include a front deck with installed bench railings. Each tent houses 8 visitors in comfortable bunk accommodations. The tents do not have electricity, we suggest our visitors bring battery-powered lanterns or flashlights.

How do separate cabins work?

Guys and Gals will be divided into separate cabins of 8 and will sleep in their own cabins.

Can I bunk with my friends?

In the registration, you will have the opportunity to request to bunk with your friends. We’ll do our best to match you up, so you can enjoy the week with some of your friends, while also meeting new people.

What do I need to bring?

We’ll send you a packing list once you register to give you details on what to expect. In short, bring a fun attitude, sunscreen, a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, bathing suit, your favorite musical instruments, toiletries, medication and anything else you might need.

What gear is provided at camp?

Wet-suits and snorkels, as well as all the outdoor gear you need for this adventure. However, if you have your own we encourage you to bring them!

What’s not allowed at camp?

No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking. Overall LDS standards apply at this event.

No, negativity, or bad attitudes.

No, Plastic water containers or single-use plastics are allowed. They are not only poisonous but destructive to the earth. Please plan to bring a reusable bottle.

What if I have a food allergy?

No Problem: we ask you about allergies in our registration and our chefs prepare meals special to your needs.

Why is the age range 20’s-40’s?

Based on feedback from previous events, many attendees prefer this age range. If you don’t fit in this age range please visit Cheri’s Travel Spot and check out the other events that work better for you.

Can I arrive on Saturday?

No: we are going to a private venue on the island and the only way to get there is our private boat leaving Friday morning.

Can I Leave Early?

No, we are going to a private venue on the island and the only way to get there is our private boat.  We will be back to Long Beach Sunday around 6pm

What if I have an emergency?

We collect all of your emergency information and have it in our camp office. We will give you our camp emergency number to give to your families.

What’s the deal with parking?

The parking cost are not included in your registration. Parking is $18 a day. We suggest you carpool if possible. Parking has security, however please do not leave anything of value in your car. Click Here for a Map.

Are dogs allowed?

No, sorry. We love dogs, but to many issues come up with the wild deer, buffalo, and fox on the island.

Need a ride or want to carpool?

Once you are booked you will be invited to join our Private Facebook Event group.  This is a good way for people to chat before the trip, what they are excited about or looking to carpool.