Sail the Southern Cyclades of Greece and Turkey

on the Beautiful Clipper Ship 

“The Star Flyer.”



Witness the Sunsets of Santorini, Swim the Blue Waters of the Aegean Sea, and Set Sail to your Dream Vacation

Athens-Rhodes-Bodrum-Dalyan River-Santorini-Hydra-Athens

Dates: July 29-Aug 5, 2023 w/optional add-on days in Athens
Airport: Eleftherios Venizelos – Athens International Airport (AIA)
Ship: Star Clipper (All-Inclusive)
All-Ages: LDS Singles

~ Proof of Travel Insurance is required by the host company “Star Clipper” to participate in this cruise.



Countdown to the LDS Singles Greece, Sailing the Cyclades








Our Journey


Our Ship, “The Star Flyer”


The Star Flyer, twin sister to The Star Clipper, is a true Clipper Ship reflecting her proud heritage in every inch of the polished brass and gleaming charm. Star Flyer is a modern small ship in every way, created for adventure-loving passengers looking for the tradition and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships but with the comforts and amenities of the present day. Star Flyer is 379 feet long and can carry 166 guests in pampered comfort, over 36,000 square feet of sails. Sixteen sails billowing in the wind.


This ship offers spacious accommodations and expansive teak decks with ample space for walking and relaxation. In fact, you’ll find that this ship offers more outdoor space per passenger than most conventional cruise ships. The decor of Star Flyer is reminiscent of the grand age of sail with a modern touch. Antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships appeal to the eye, while polished decks and gleaming mahogany rails are richly reminiscent of Star Clippers’ proud nautical heritage.


Star Flyer features open-seating dining in an elegantly appointed dining room, delightful indoor and outdoor Tropical and Piano bars, and an Edwardian-style library where a Belle Époque fireplace glows with a warmth that reflects the friendliness and enthusiasm of Star Clippers’ hospitable officers and crew.


Star Flyer uses very pure, high-quality low Sulphur gas oil for which the company was awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. Star Flyer was the first ship in the world to receive the award.

It’s more than just a vacation

When you join Cheri’s Travel Spot on this fun getaway, you’ll experience all the amazing amenities that the Star Flyer has to offer PLUS a special invitation to our private LDS Singles activities we’ll be throwing!  Here are some examples of what you’ll enjoy.

  • Welcome Mock-tail Party
  • Group Dining
  • Dressing-up Theme Nights
  • Sail 7 nights aboard The Star Flyer clipper ship
  • All dining included, access to gourmet à la carte dining options.  Menus will feature international cuisine and some local specialties:  Breakfast, Lunch, Hors D’oeuvres, Diner, and midnight snacks will be schduled.
  • 2 Adult swimming pools
  • Daily house keeping service
  • Each cabin has 2 hair dryers and 110-outlets (American and European)
  • Laundry services are available at an additional cost, arranged through your room steward.

  • Organized daytime excursions on shore
  • Live nightly entertainment
  • Sloop Shop onboard… snacks, souveniers, common toiletries, etc.
  • Internet & WiFi: E-mail and internet services are available onboard wherever technically possible (depending on Satellite connections). Wi-Fi access is available in certain areas onboard and internet is available on computers in our library. Internet access can be purchased from your Wi-Fi device or on the library computers. Internet & Wi-Fi cards are sold in the Sloop Shop.

  • Water Sports – All passengers have access to our watersports program which includes: kayaking, snorkeling, sail-boating, paddle-boarding, water- skiing, and windsurfing (where possible, subject to weather conditions and local authorities). Certified divers should contact local dive shops if they wish to dive in other locations. Please note: all watersports are complimentary except for scuba diving. Star Clippers takes no responsibilities for scuba diving.

Payment Terms and Pricing


  • Proof of travel insurance is required by the host company “Star Clippers” to participate on this cruise.
  • Pricing is per person.  
  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.
  • Reservations are non-refundable

Category 6 – Commodore Deck


  • Interior, no view
  • Upper/lower berths
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Average cabin dimensions – 86 square feet

Single: Not Available

Double: $1890         10% discount save $189

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Category 5 – Clipper and Commodore Deck


  • Ocean view or interior
  • Raised double bed or two lower beds
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Average cabin dimensions – 118 square feet
  • △ – Cabin has an extra fold down bunk with a ladder
  • R – Bed raised over 3 feet
  • D – Cabin has a fixed double bed

Single: $3105          10% discount save $310.50             

Double: $2070         10% discount save $207

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Category 4 – Commodore Deck


  • Ocean view
  • Two lower beds or double bed
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Average cabin dimensions – 118 square feet
  • △ – Cabin has an extra fold down bunk with a ladder
  • D – Fixed double bed

Single: $3540          10% discount save $354             

Double: $2360         10% discount save $236     

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Category 3 – Clipper and Commodore Deck


  • Ocean view
  • Two lower beds convert to double bed
  • Minibar
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Cabin doors open onto deck
  • Average cabin dimensions – 118 square feet

Single: $3720          10% discount save $372             

Double: $2480         10% discount save $248

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Category 2 – Clipper Deck


  • Ocean view
  • Twin or double
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Average cabin dimensions – 129 square feet
  • △ – Cabin has an extra fold down bunk with a ladder
  • D – Cabin has a fixed double bed

Single: $3930          10% discount save $393             

Double: $2620         10% discount save $262

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Category 1 – Main and Sun Deck


  • Ocean view
  • Two lower beds convert to double bed
  • Minibar
  • Bathroom with whirlpool bath
  • Cabin doors open onto deck
  • Average cabin dimensions – 156 square feet

Single: $4380          10% discount save $438             

Double: $2920          10% discount save $292

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.

Owners Cabbin – Clipper Deck


  • Ocean view
  • Double bed
  • Sitting area
  • Minibar
  • Bathroom with whirlpool bath
  • Average cabin dimensions – 237 square feet

Single: Sold Out             Double: Sold Out

*Pricing is per person

  • Port Taxes are an additional $270 for all passengers.
  • Gratuities are an additional $77 for all passengers.
Your cabin is ingeniously designed for comfort and efficiency, with;

  • Private bathroom
  • Air-conditioning
  • Flatscreeen TV/DVD player (except category 6)
  • Hairdryers
  • Private safe located inside the closet
  • Radio
  • Telephone
  • Under bed storage

All cabins are non-smoking

Star Flyer provide passengers with 110-volt (American & European plugs). 

  • Construction date: Star Flyer 1991
  • Passenger capacity: 166
  • Number of crew: 74
  • Length: 379 feet
  • Beam: 49 feet
  • Draft: 18.4 feet
  • Ship’s registry: Malta
  • Gross tonnage: 2,298
  • Number of masts: 4
  • Mast height: 206 feet
  • Sail area: 36,220 square feet
  • Number of sails: 16
  • Speed: Between 5-17 knots
  • Classified : DNV « 1A1 + »

Know before you go

  • Travel Insurance is required by the host company “Star Clippers” to participate on this cruise.
  • Eleftherios Venizelos – Athens International Airport (ATH)
  • When booking flights, make sure to arrive no later than Saturday morning 10am, July 29, 2023.
  • It may be safer to arrive by Friday evening, July 28, 2023 to ensure any delayed or cancelled flights don’t interupt your trip. 
  • We will help provide hotel options for an additional cost.
  • This getaway is not a church sponsored event but LDS Standards are expected to be maintained.

Not Included:

  • Travel Insurance : Contact Cheri’s Travel Spot for pricing or send documentation if you buy from another broker.
  • Flights
  • Optional Excursions
  • Photo Packages At Tours and Excursions
  • Spa treatments
  • Gratuities and Port Fees
  • Wifi – access can be purchased onboard at Sloop Shop.


*subject to change based on weather, ocean conditions, and captain’s judgement

Day 1:  Saturday, July 29, 2023 – Welcome! Piraeus Port of Athens

All aboaaaaard!!! We will have a welcome meeting in the early evening and dinner as a group.  The night will continue with the ship’s entertainment options or get comfortable and explore the ship.

Day 2:  Sunday, July 30, 2023 – Day At Sea

Enjoy the ships amenities, relax on deck, work on your tan, play games and socialize.  The day is yours to enjoy onboard.

Day 3:  Monday, July 31, 2023 – Rhodes, Greece

With its age-old history and incredible natural beauty, Rhodes has always been a major pole of attraction. The island boasts a mild climate, a unique and varied landscape, dazzling blue sea and a host of historical monuments. It is the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World the Colossus of Rhodes.

The Island was inhabited as far back as the 16th century BC. The golden era was from the 5th to the 3rd century BC when Rhodes was an important religious, commercial and political centre. During this period Rhodes became one of the most important trading centres in the Mediterranean. Thanks to its strategic location, Rhodes was also of vital importance to the Crusaders and the Ottoman Empire. The present-day city of Rhodes is a fascinating medieval city completely enclosed by a five-mile flower covered wall. The medieval part of the city, once occupied by the Turks, is absolutely fascinating with narrow stone paved streets, 15th century buildings, archways, flying buttresses, minarets and fountains. The Street of the Knights is the finest example of a late Gothic street to be found anywhere in Europe. The Fifteenth century inns of the Knights of Seven Languages were built along this street, and four of them remain standing to this day. At the end of the Street of the Knights is the imposing 14th century Grand Master’s palace, a massive citadel that dominates the old town. It was destroyed in 1856 and reconstructed in 1939.

During the winter season (Through May) the Ministry of Tourism reserves the right to open museums on Mondays or not as the case may be. Excursions will be modified accordingly

Day 4:  Tuesday, August 1, 2023 – Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum was founded on the site of the ancient city of Halikarnassos, and the many treasures to be found in the Bodrum museum bear witness to the fact that 5000 years ago it was home to a wealthy and sophisticated people. The magnificently decorated tomb of King Mausolos, “the Mausoleum”, was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world, and the word “mausoleum” has now passed into current usage. Nowadays the twin bay town is one of the most important centres of tourism in Turkey with a wealth of cultural and historical attractions and an easy bohemian life style. There are many lively cafés near the port as well as a colourful local bazaar. Arts and crafts include carpet and kilim manufacturing.

Day 5:  Wednesday, August 2, 2023 – Dalyan River, Turkey

The delta of the Dalyan River and Istuzu Beach (4km long) are among the last remaining natural habitats for sea turtles and many species of water bird such as the cormorant, sea eagle, pelican and stork. A boat trip through this reed covered delta is an ideal way to enjoy the scenery. On the banks of the canal, between the sea and lake Köyce, lies the archaeological site of Caunos and many rock hewn tombs adorn the cliffs. The excursion will take you to the village of Dalyan which is known for its fine seafood restaurants serving bass and mullet fresh from the river. Fish have always been plentiful in these waters and the name “Dalyan” literally means “fish-trap”.

Day 6:  Thursday, August 3, 2023 – Santorini, Greece

Upon arriving at Santorini, you are greeted by dramatic views of vertical cliffs of gray lava and white pumice rising nearly 1,000 feet above the sea. The island is part of the remains of an ancient island destroyed in a catastrophic volcano eruption which took place around 1350 BCE. The explosion is said to have altered the course of history in the ancient world. What remains has become one of the most famous of the Greek Isles simply because of its dramatic beauty. The town of Thira situated on the rim of the volcano is stunningly attractive with whitewashed and pastel-coloured buildings. The cafes and hotels built on the hill overlooking the harbour offer one of the most spectacular views in the world. Santorini will start to weave its magic as soon as you take the cable car from the harbour to the town, and gaze upon the awesome spectable of Nature in all its dramatic beauty. The more adventurous among you can take a donkey ride to the top of the mountain – a special treat in itself. The striking beauty of Santorini is something every visitor long remembers.

Day 7:  Friday, August 4, 2023 – Hydra, Greece

According to legend this beautiful island was once the home of the Hydra, the many headed monster killed by Heracles, hence its name. These days it is considered the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands and many celebrities from Greece and abroad spend their vacations here. It is also beloved by artists from all over the world for its natural beauty and distinctive architecture, which have also made it a favourite film making location.

The town rises up like an amphitheatre from the port area, remaining hidden until the very last moment for those approaching by sea. It owes its unique character to the impressive mansions that were built in the late 18th century for wealthy Hydriot ship-owners by architects from Venice and Genoa. These houses differ from the usual Greek island architecture because of their individuality, size and sloping tiled roofs. During this period, Hydra possessed an important fleet and was sometimes called “Little England” because of its seafaring prowess and flair for commerce. The old ship’s canons in front of the harbour bear witness to this glorious past. In some measure the long naval tradition is upheld to this day, as the island is home to the Merchant Navy Officer’s training school.

No motor vehicles are allowed on Hydra, a designated Landmark Preservation area, and all transport is by boat, on foot or by donkey.
The island is an irresistible mixture of old and new with night clubs, bars, waterfront cafés, restaurants, and boutiques blending harmoniously with picturesque lanes and bare hills dotted with dazzling white chapels and windmills.

Day 8:  Saturday, August 5, 2023 – Disembark, Option to explore Athens

For some, this will be the end of the journey.  We will disembark the ship and transport guests to the airport.

For any who are interested in extending their adventure, we will move to a local hotel and prepare for an extra day of exploring the historical and modern beauty of Athens, Greece.

*Itinerary and additional cost TBD.

The earliest Athenians were of Ionian stock, arriving on the peninsula in about 2000 BC. Little is known of the early rulers, apart from the fact that they were kings. By the 7th century BC they had been superseded by Eupatrids, the aristocracy of the eleven noble families of Attica. The next development from aristocratic rule came with Solon, the “Father of Democracy”, who initiated the idea of rule by the people, creating assemblies of ordinary citizens. Following Solon’s democracy came the Age of the Tyrants, a system of rule largely established by Peisistratus in about 546 BC. The idea was to remove much of the power from the nobles and to favour merchants, farmers and ordinary people. Athens, particularly the Acropolis, became one of the chief religious centres in Greece and by 600 BC there were many temples, fragments of which are to be found in the Acropolis Museum. The year 450 BC saw the beginning of Pericles and his “Golden Age”.

In 1832 Otto, a Bavarian prince descended from the Greek imperial dynasties of Komnenos and Laskaris through his ancestor the Bavarian Duke John II, became the first modern King of Greece. The new city of Athens was planned by the Greek architect Cleanthes and the German, Schaubert, around Otto’s austere palace. Situated on a small promontory above the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, the palace dominates Syntagma Square (Constitution Square).

From Syntagma Square, Amalia avenue, (named after Otto’s Queen Consort), leads past the National Garden and the Zappion Park to Hadrian’s Arch. Behind the park the stadium built for the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896 occupies the same site as that used in ancient times. The mountainous region of Attica and Athens, though barren and infertile, enjoys a superb climate.

Day 9:  Sunday, August 6, 2023 – We say Goodbye

Our last day in Athens, Greece.  We part ways and say goodbye to this beautiful country and new friends.

Stay longer and explore the local area or transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Come experience for yourself the beautiful Southern Cyclades.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" ~ Henry Miller