Cheri's Travel Spot

Cheri Sandlin created and owns Cheri’s Travel Spot. She is originally from Northern California and currently living in Huntington Beach. She has also lived in Hawaii. Travel is just a way of life for Cheri – she loves to explore new places and meet new people along the way. Some of her favorite vacation memories are climbing the Eiffel Tower, making pizza in Rome, being serenaded by a little old Italian man, kissing sting rays in Grand Cayman, zip-lining and rappelling in Costa Rica, visiting Mayan ruins in Mexico and climbing through the caves at the Baths. She’s even backpacked around England and France by herself!

Cheri also has a love for LDS Singles Vacations because you are able to meet so many single people that love to travel, have the same values as her and are able to make so many life-long friends! She decided to create multiple LDS Singles Vacations each year in order to bring together LDS singles that also love to travel together. What a great way see the world, make new friends and make memories that will last forever. And who knows, you just might meet someone special too.

Tom Vail came into Cheri’s Travel Spot in January of 2021.  Being good friends with Cheri and fan of her trips, Tom found fun and fulfillment by joining Cheri in her journey.  His goal is help grow her business to make even more amazing trips and unforgettable memories for the hundreds of LDS singles that come along for the ride every year.

Tom was born and raised in Maine, far from what is his new home Dana Point, California.  He moved to the west coast in 2017.  Brought by an opportunity with his previous long career at PepsiCo and a strong desire to explore the rich, bountiful mountains, deserts, ocean, and national parks of the west.  Tom soon discovered the gospel and started his conversion to follow Christ, getting baptized in May 2019.  His testimony is strengthened by the connections, shared faith, and friendships he witnesses being born on each trip.

Tell your friends and family… We are expanding to include trips for LDS Families, Couples, and more age specific trips like for YSA singles and ages 40+.  We look forward to working with you on your next vacation. If it’s one of our hosted LDS Singles Vacations, a family reunion or a getaway for you family or friends.

~ Meet you out there

Cheri and Tom